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Becoming an adult is not an easy thing. Whether it’s an onslaught of new responsibilities, a job, marriage, or the struggle of determining what to do with one’s life, it can all become very overwhelming. Knowing this, Hyphen for ages 18-30 is in place to provide guidance and instruction for this new stage of life. With meetings on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm, in depth studies are held where we dive deep into the Bible to search for guidance on how to handle these problems in a Godly manner. Our mission is to help our young adults find themselves in Christ while learning how to use their abilities to glorify the Lord. Along with regular meetings, additional events and activities are held on a regular basis for young adults to socialize and worship together.

As the obligations of life continue to grow, the transition into an adult can become burdensome. With this in mind, our young adult’s ministry serves to equip individuals with the tools to navigate the unknown and find their purpose in Christ. 

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